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About Bankura

Bankura a municipality and a city serves as the headquarters of Bankura district in West Bengal. Adra, Asansol, Sonamukhi and Purulia are some important cities which are located in the vicinity of Bankura. The name “Bankura” may have been originated from “Banka” (meaning zig-zag) or “Banku” (very beautiful). Some also say that the word Bankura is an altered form of “Bankunda” which means 5 tanks. As per the locals the Bankura name was derived from the founder of this city “Banku Rai", who was a chief. According to another tale, “Bir Bankura” was the son of the King of Bishnupur, Bir Hambir who had 22 sons. The King divided his empire into 22 circles and the “Jaybelia” circle went to Bir Bankura who later developed the place and at the present time the city is known as Bankura after Bir Bankura. According to some facts the city was formerly called “Bacoonda”.

About Bankura
Bishnupur Temples

Geography of Bankura

Bankura is positioned at 23.25 degrees in North and 87.07 degrees in the East. The avg. elevation of the city is 255 feet or 78 m. From March to June the humid climate with temperature soaring upto 45 degree Celsius. From June to September the weather remains pleasant with heavy showers. During the winter months the minimum temperature drops down to 8 degree Celsius while the maximum temperature remains around 27 degree Celsius.

Demography of Bankura

According to the census of 2011, the population of Bankura was 138036 with 67302 females and 70734 males. The population of kids less than 6 years of age was 10760. The avg. literacy rate of Bankura is 87.27 percent. English and Bengali are the official languages of Bankura.

Administration in Bankura

Bankura introduced the municipal services for the first time in 1865. During the British reign, only Government officers and candidates favored by British were nominated for the posts of Bankura Municipality. Mr. W.S. Wells became the 1st President of the Bankura Municipality.  Later, the voting procedure changed and in 1981 anybody who was 18 years of age was eligible to vote. For the first time in 1885, an Indian Harihar Mukhopadhyay became the Chairman of Bankura Municipality. Presently, the Bankura Municipality consists of 23 voted councilors from the 23 wards of Bankura. Bankura Municipality aims to change the city into the most verdant, cleanest, hygienic and healthful city. It also dreams to have a vast infrastructure with all kinds of basic amenities for all social classes in an unbiased manner. The municipality of Bankura also organizes poverty alleviation programs and various programs for the advancement of livelihood for the poor people. With these constant efforts made by the Bankura Municipality, there is a likelihood that its socio-economic conditions will change and the municipality will become more sociable for the inhabitants.

Chairman of the Municipality
Mr. Mahaprasad Sengupta
Office: (3242) 250367,250344,254804
Fax: 03242-259269/250367
E-mail: info@bankuramunicipality.org

Tourist Destinations in Bankura

Bankura tourism attracts a plethora of tourists from all over the country because of its rich traditional and cultural heritage. The city has always been known for its music, paintings and other art forms. There are a myriad of historical places and gorgeous sites which enthrall all and sundry. Bankura has an immense contribution towards the architecture and art of Bengal. The striking terracotta art of Bankura is famous world-wide. There are numerous places of attractions in Bankura, check out the four different zones which comprise various important tourist spots of the region:

Northern Zone

The northern zone consists of Gangoa Dam, Durgapur Barrage and Koro Pahar.

Southern Zone

This zone encompasses Jhilimili which is located about 70 kms from the city of Bankura and is famous for its thick forest. Another well-known attraction of this zone is Mukutmonipur which is almost 51 kms away from Bankura and is well-known for its dam. This dam is the second largest dam in India. The place is famous for its natural splendor, picturesque hillocks and the verdant forests enfolding the enormous bluish area of water.

Western Zone

Biharinath Hill is popular as the tallest hill of the District Bankura. This 448 m tall hill is located 57 kms away from the city of Bankura and is famed for its natural exquisiteness. This place brags of its dense forests, Damodar River, scenic hills, water bodies and the famous Shiva temple. Sunsunia Hill is another main tourist attraction of Bankura which is merely 21 kms from the city of Bankura and is well-known for its Silalipi and natural spring.

Eastern Zone

The eastern zone comprises Joyrambati and Bishnupur. Joyrambati is just 77 kms away from the Bankura city and is the birth place of Sarada Devi (or Sri Sri Ma). Here one can also visit the Mayerepukur and Singha Bahani Devi temple. Bishnupur is merely 34 kms from Bankura and is a famous historical place. Earlier the town was Mallabhum’s capital. Bishnupur is mainly famous for its Baluchari sarees and terracotta temples. The place also brags of its lovely paintings and classical music (known as “Dalmadal”). Bishnupur houses 16 renowned temples which were constructed during the period of Mallaraja. The Jor Mandir, Radhamadhab temple, Madan Mohan temple, Rasmancha, Radha Gobinda, Kalachand temple and the Shyam Ray temple are some of the most noteworthy temples of Bishnupur.

Hotels in Bankura

Bankura houses some stupendous accommodation options for its tourists. Be it a 5 Star hotel or a budget lodge, Bankura has a plethora of options for all social classes. Among the various lodging options in Bankura the Saptarshi Hotel, Saptaparna Hotel, Atithya Hotel, Srimaa Lodge, Sun Hotel and Hotel Blue Star stand out among the rest. If you happen to be in Bankura you can bank on these hotels for their exceptional hospitality, a friendly atmosphere, well-appointed rooms, brilliant room service and finger-licking food. For More Click Here

Hotel Saptarshi
Address: Lal Bazaar, Rajendra Mkt, Bankura H O, Bankura, Pin – 722101
Landmark: Nr Lalbazar Bus Stop
Phone numbers: +(91)-3242-253272 and 251052, 9932651310 and +(91)-9434108611

Hotel Saptaparna
Address: Chandanmaridanga, Bankura H O, Bankura, Pin – 722101
Landmark: Nr Bankura Sister College
Phone numbers: +(91)-3242-255952 and 254375, 9635207398 and +(91)-9434062574

Atithya Hotel and Lodge
Address: Gobindanagar Bustand, Bankura, Pin - 722102
Phone numbers: +(91)-3242-645027 and 326949

Hotel Tajganga
Address: Veersavarkar Sarani, Bankura H O, Bankura, Pin – 722101
Landmark: Nr Indaragara and Lalbazar
Phone: +(91)-9475863818

Health in Bankura

Bankura is dotted with numerous hospitals, nursing homes and clinics. All these medical units are equipped with the state-of-the-art facilities and experienced medical staff. The Bankura Sub-Divisional hospital and Bankura Sammilani Medical College & Hospital are the two most important hospitals of Bankura. Apart from these Hardik Hospital, Bsmc Hospital and Little Heart Childrens Hospital are some other renowned hospitals of Bankura.

Bankura Sammilani Medical College & Hospital
Address: Kenduadihi, Bankura H O, Bankura, Pin code- 722101
Phone numbers: +(91)-3242-244700 and 251324

Bsmc Hospital
Address: E M O Bldng, Bankura H O, Bankur, Pin code – 722101
Phone numbers: 03242244723, 03242244771 and 244773

Hardik Hospital
Address: Tamlibandh, Bankura H O, Bankura, Pin code – 722101
Landmark: Police Line
Phone numbers: 9434480474 and +(91)-9474776260

Bankura Seba Medical Hospital
Address: Gobinda Nagar Bus Stand Rd, Bankura H O, Bankura, Pin code – 722101
Phone: +(91)-7797701790

Little Heart Childrens Hospital Private Limited
Address: 271/7/1, Taragati Samanta Rd, Bankura H O, Bankura, Pin code – 722101
Phone numbers: 03242243879, 0342243352 and 252962

Saviera Maternity & Nursing Home
Address: 53, Poddar Pukur, Machantola, Bankura H O, Bankura, Pin code – 722101
Phone: +(91)-3242-257751

Dr R B S Memorial Hospital Bankura
Address: Rabindra Sarani, Bankura H O, Bankura, Pin code- 722101
Phone: 03242250830

Food in Bankura

Bankura is well-known for its rich and colorful cuisines which also represents the tradition and culture of West Bengal. The staple food of Bankura comprises lentils, rice and fish. The various vegetarian and non-vegetarian preparations are prepared using five types of spices which include aniseed, cumin, fenugreek, mustard seeds and nigella. The majority of cuisines are cooked in mustard oil. Some of the famous delicacies of this region are Chingri Maacher Malaai Curry, Shukto, Maacher Jhol, Ambole, Begun Bhaja(eggplant fry) and Pitha. When it comes to Bengali food, another most sought-after thing is sweet. Bankura people love to relish a variety of sweet dishes like Rasmalai, Roshogolla, Pantua, Laddu, Chamcham, Shondesh and Pera. The majority of sweets are prepared of “Chena”(or sweetened cottage cheese). Mecha Sandesh is the specialty of Bankura. Mahua is also a very famous local drink in Bankura. If you are looking for some lavish restaurants in Bankura, you may be disappointed; however there is a plethora of eateries in Bankura which offer a range of Bengali and North Indian cuisines.

Transportation in Bankura

The main rail head of the city is the Bankura Railway Station which belongs to the South Eastern Ralwys. This rail head is located on the rail route of Adra to Midnapore and lies in the city of Bankura. People can avail computerized ticketing system at the Bankura Rlwy Station. Bankura is well-connected via rail with many important cities and towns of the district as well as the State. Some important trains that pass through the Bankura Railway Station are:
  • Ernakulam-Patna Express
  • Bhubaneswar Rajdhani Exp
  • Puri-New Delhi (Nandan Kanan) Superfast Exp
  • Purulia-Howrah Exp
  • Rupashi Bangla Exp
  • Howrah-LTT Samarsata Exp
  • Aranyak Exp
Asansol Railway Staton, Midnapur Railway Station and Adra Railway Station are the main rail heads that are located in the vicinity of Bankura. Bankura city is connected with many major cities via NH 34. Thus, we can see that Bankura offers plenty of tourist spots, a well-maintained infrastructure and proper healthcare services to its residents.

Bankura at a glance

Country: India
State: West Bengal
District: Bankura
Population (2011)
• Total : 138,036
• Official: Bengali, English
PIN: 722101
Telephone code: 03242
Lok Sabha constituency: Bankura
Vidhan Sabha constituency: Bankura

  • E-mail

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